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Video Interview Tips

Posted by Audra Holmstrom

Video Interview Tips

A virtual interview is common these days.  It saves on travel and expenses for everyone involved.  It does not reduce the level of professionalism of the meeting or the importance of the job you are interviewing for. Treat your Video Interview as you would an in-person interview.


Prepare Your Surroundings:

  • Whatever is behind you while on the call is visible - ensure it is tidy and not distracting. Make sure it is tasteful and organized.  It will reflect on you!
  • Make sure you will be comfortable for the duration of the interview.  Make sure your chair doesn't squeak - it will sound 10x louder to you during the interview.
  • Don’t interview from bed or reclined on a couch or Lay-z-Boy.
  • Make sure your interview time is safe and focused: Do not interview while driving in your car.

Look The Part:

  • Prepare questions (be sure to listen for the answers to your questions through your interview)
  • Dress appropriately for the position you are applying for. Resist the ‘mullet attire’ (business up top, party on the bottom)

Avoid interruptions:

  • From your computer. Close other programs to avoid notifications or pop-up’s
  • From your Phone. Turn off your cell-phone!
  • From surroundings (pets, children, knocking on the door and please…try to avoid the need to use the bathroom during your interview) 
  • From other meetings. You should have an idea of how long the interview could go.  Add on another 20% just in case: it's going well / you have a longer resume / you have many questions.
  • From your body. Have a glass of water handy if you need. No eating!

Practice First:

  • Avoid the "can you hear me now" scenario?  Run through a couple calls with a friend.
  • Check your tech / delay, etc.  Watch how it alters your presence (delay, choppy feed, etc)
  • Watch your body language
  • Be aware of your voice volume

Time zones:

  • Double check that if you and the interviewer are in different time zones and that you get this clarity prior to the day


  1. Sit up straight. The stage is yours, MAKE it count, be ready for your close-up!
  2. Keep energy in your voice throughout - and when you say good-bye!
  3. Look at the camera, not the screen
    1. Don't watch yourself, the tiny eye of the camera is your eye contact
  4. Be aware of your body language
    1. Video brings back the visual cues into virtual interviews but they can still be mistranslated
    2. A lot of movement on your part is distracting and gives the impression of being distracted or uninterested
    3. Watch your interviewer, making sure he/she is engaged in what you are saying - you should see cues of when you go on too long, or not long enough
  5. Take notes by hand, if you must, to refer back to for questions at the end
    1. Typing on the computer can be loud and distracting and will give your interviewer the impression you are distracted.  (As an interviewer, I type throughout interviews. It can be loud and distracting and I warn them that prior to starting)
  6. Follow up after the interview
    1. All the same etiquette applies to Video interviews
    2. Send email thank-you. Keep your communication formal and professional throughout your experience with your recruiter. 

Remember, the interview starts the moment you introduce yourself to the company (whether that is through online application or a direct phone call) and continues throughout your relationship with that company!

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