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How TinyEYE and University Programs Can Partner

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TinyEYE welcomes the opportunity to work with University/College Speech-Language Pathology and Speech-Language Pathologist Assistant programs. As the 2009 recipient of the Award for Business Excellence in Health Innovation, TinyEYE is well prepared to contribute to your initiatives.

Collaboration may happen in a variety of ways:

1) Supervision of Practicum Students and Graduates: TinyEYE values partnering with education programs and communities to ensure practicum students and new graduates receive outstanding supervision and mentorship from qualified speech-language pathologists. Together, we bring more Speech-Language Pathologists and Speech-Language Pathologist Assistants to the workforce, where their services are acutely needed.

2) Research Collaboration: It is our privilege to partner with universities to advance the field of speech-language pathology, while increasing access to quality therapy services. Contact us to learn about our involvement in research studies to date.

3) Student Telepractice Experience: Award your students the opportunity to provide quality therapy services to your clients through an engaging telepractice model. Likewise, TinyEYE’s supervision software enables clinical supervisors to support students who are providing services off-site. Telepractice expands the reach you have in your community and beyond, since geographical and schedule barriers are minimized.

4) Participating in Course Instruction, Materials Development, and Special Projects: TinyEYE is the industry leader in on-line therapy services. We have integrated innovation with evidence-based programming and services. TinyEYE’s team contributes to our profession through the creation of leading edge software, the provision of specialized therapy services, and the cultivation of honourable business practices. We look forward to sharing the advances in telepractice with you and your students.

5) Other: We have designed our software to provide you with exceptional tools for supervision, consultation, and therapy services. TinyEYE delivers on service excellence with thanks to our in-house team of software developers and tech-support personnel who update our system daily. Likewise, our professional therapy services team joins forces with you to co-create a partnership that will achieve your goals.

TinyEYE sees beyond the possibilities of today. Care to join us?

Visit me at the ASHA convention in New Orleans! TinyEYE has a booth in the Exhibitor’s Hall. I am presenting as well:

Advances in Speech Therapy Telepractice (session #0415) is scheduled for Thursday, November 19th at 3:30-4:30 pm in room 253 of the convention center.

If a school district in your area needs Speech-Language Pathologists, please let me know by email as we at TinyEYE can help!

All the best to you,

Marnee Brick, MSc
Speech-Language Pathologist and Director of Speech Therapy
TinyEYE Therapy Services (Speech Therapy Telepractice)

Growing smiles, mending spirits, engaging children in their lives

http://www.TinyEYE.com-Online Speech Therapy Telepractice

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