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Top 5 Reasons to Become a TinyEYE Online Therapist

Posted by Chantelle |

Have you ever wondered  why someone would consider moving from a traditional in-person therapy job to online therapy? Are you wondering what the draw might be for someone to switch to becoming an online therapist? Here are a few top reasons we hear every day! 
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Online Occupational Therapy: Why Should We Care?

Posted by Marnee Brick |

Online Occupational Therapy:  Why Should we Care?

Hello Everyone,

When you consider your occupation, does your current ability to participate either contribute or detract from your sense of self-worth, success, and joy?  If you were aware of tools and ideas that could improve your occupation experience, would you appreciate the opportunity to access the support?

According to the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists (CAOT), the term ‘occupation’ refers to a group of activities and tasks of everyday life that people do to occupy themselves, including self-care, leisure, and productivity (contributing socially or economically to their community).  Occupational therapy enables people to engage in everyday living, helps people to perform occupations that foster health and well-being, and fosters a just and inclusive society so that all people can participate to their potential in the daily occupations of life.  http://www.caot.ca/

With these outcomes in mind, you can likely imagine how essential it is for children, from birth towards adulthood, to have access to quality occupational therapy services. Investing into children provides them with tools and strategies that help them to invest into their home and community.  Why occupational therapy?  Do children have occupations?

Occupations and Children

Playmate, line-leader, teeth-brusher and writer…these are noble examples of how children occupy their day and contribute to their environment.  The American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) explains that the role of occupational therapists includes serving children so that they can learn, play, and thrive. Common areas of need include developmental, educational, injury-related, emotional-behavior, and job readiness. Below are examples of ‘occupations’ for children, which are enriched by occupational therapists:

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Online Occupational Therapy: How Does it Work?

Posted by Marnee Brick |

Online Occupational Therapy:  How Does it Work?

Raise your hand if your heart warms and stretches when you know you have improved a child's life.  What a joyful purpose to serve.  

Therapists are self-driven to influence the quality of children’s lives.  Because we advocate for communities that do not have equal access to quality therapy services, speech-language pathologists and occupational therapists around the world have joined our online therapy team so that they can experience the joy that grows from improving the life of a child.  What is the point of online occupational therapy and how does it work?

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Online Occupational Therapy: What It Is and What It Is Not

Posted by Marnee Brick |

Online Occupational Therapy:  
What It Is and
 What It Is Not

Have you ever imagined how amazing you could be if only...?  For instance, if only you had a certain tool, extra time, more support, or a magic wand...then you could really make a difference.  

The real magic wand here is called access.  Access is our connection between a wish and amazing.  Whether you are a professional or a student, having access to tools and support can be life changing.  

At TinyEYE, our online occupational therapists and online speech-language pathologists give our schools consistent access to outstanding therapy services for educators, caregivers, and students.  When you recognize the benefit that our presence has brought to schools, imagine the tragedy that our absence would have on student outcomes. Today, all children can have equal access (or a magic wand) through our award winning, virtual therapy services innovations.  To further explore how our specially trained therapy team serves our students in need of occupational therapy support, I have highlighted key points about what online OT is, and what it is not:
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Top Five Priorities of Online Therapy Excellence: Students

Posted by Marnee Brick |

Top Five Priorities for Online Therapy Excellence


Hi Everyone,

As service providers, we believe that our influence should improve children's lives. Our primary commitments are to our students’ experience and to our students' outcomes.

Influencing Excellence for our Students

Our therapy team provides online occupational therapy and online speech therapy services to schools.  In our previous posts, we outlined these priorities:

Finally, our top priority is influencing excellence with our students.   If you are exploring how to achieve excellence in therapy services for your students, what should you build?

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