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A Day in the Life: Traditional In-Person vs. Online Occupational Therapy

Posted by TinyEYE |

Part 1: Preparing to Begin the Day
Scenario 1: Traditional, In-Person Occupational Therapy
6am: Alarm goes off.
6:05am: Get dressed and do your hair/make-up.
6:30am: Rouse your kids, getting them dressed, feeding them breakfast, packing what they need for the day, and signing permission forms that were ‘forgotten’ the night before.
7:30am: Haul your occupational therapy tools to your car. Load your kids into the car, strap everyone in. Ensure everyone has their lunch, stuffed toys, juice… and everything else they will need through the day. 
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Online Occupational Therapists: What do they do?

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Guest Blogger: Wendy, OTR/L


As an Occupational Therapist who has worked in different school environments for 20(+) years, I often get the question:  How do you provide Occupational Therapy services online?  When I first began providing online OT, I had some skepticism too.  The fact is, just like services provided with face to face interaction we are all working toward meeting the student’s IEP goals and collaborating with the IEP team to help the student reach his maximum functional potential; to influence a better life for our students.

As OT’s we all have our “bag of tricks.”  We work on fine motor skills, visual motor skills, sensory regulation, activities of daily living.   But how exactly can you work on those skills with the OT in California and the student in Wisconsin?  First, for this generation of kids, being on the computer is second nature.  And yet meeting with the OT online is a novelty for the kids.  Off the bat, they think it is fun.  We connect.  We talk about how life is different in California compared to Wisconsin.  That connection no matter in person or online is everything. I believe for kids and adults, getting buy in and understanding why we are working on our goals is critical.  I often confer with the student and let him know what his IEP goals are and why these goals are important for his school success. 

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4 Common Misconceptions of Online Therapy: Busted

Posted by TinyEYE |

With the increased adoption of technology within schools across North America, it leaves one to wonder how this is impacting our youth. It seems that everywhere we turn there’s no getting away from there is a new technology. Like it or not, the future is here…along with the list of critics opposed to this shift. For those who have already opened their doors to online therapy (also known as telepractice), the ability to serve students with speech and occupational therapy disorders has shone through as paramount. It is our hope that the Speech-Language Pathology and Occupational Therapy community become educated on the vast benefits this new form of delivery provides through the use of traditional telepractice, as well as the next generation of telepractice in introducing robot doubles to the classroom.

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Online Occupational Therapy: What It Is and What It Is Not

Posted by Marnee Brick |

Online Occupational Therapy:  
What It Is and
 What It Is Not

Have you ever imagined how amazing you could be if only...?  For instance, if only you had a certain tool, extra time, more support, or a magic wand...then you could really make a difference.  

The real magic wand here is called access.  Access is our connection between a wish and amazing.  Whether you are a professional or a student, having access to tools and support can be life changing.  

At TinyEYE, our online occupational therapists and online speech-language pathologists give our schools consistent access to outstanding therapy services for educators, caregivers, and students.  When you recognize the benefit that our presence has brought to schools, imagine the tragedy that our absence would have on student outcomes. Today, all children can have equal access (or a magic wand) through our award winning, virtual therapy services innovations.  To further explore how our specially trained therapy team serves our students in need of occupational therapy support, I have highlighted key points about what online OT is, and what it is not:
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When Worlds Collide: TinyEYE Therapy Services Brings Robots into the Classroom

Posted by TinyEYE |

Has your school ever been in a situation where hiring is so difficult that you can’t even fill your teaching staff, let alone your educational assistant and therapy staff? Such was the case in Wilmac, North Dakota in late 2013. Greg, TinyEYE’s CEO and Cofounder was speaking Director Shawn Huss about their speech and occupational therapy needs for the following year, when Huss mentioned that none of this could possibly work, as they did not have anyone hired to be the school’s EA. Greg quickly responded, “How about a robot?” and the future was born.

Wilmac schools have been using their robot to bring students back and forth from class ever since that day. “We ran into a few problems at first,” Greg stated, “One of which being that the teachers couldn’t actually tell when the robot was at the door to the classroom. No one could reach out and knock for it. This resulted in the robot’s driver actually driving the robot into the door repeatedly, until someone noticed that it was there. It was quite funny.” Since then, other methods have been taken to ensure that the classroom teachers are aware of the robot’s arrival.

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