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Five Top Priorities for Online Therapy Excellence: Customer Service Accountability

Posted by Marnee Brick |

Top Five Priorities for Online Therapy Excellence


It is amazing what can happen when people share the same goals,

especially when the beneficiary is a child. 

Hi Everyone,

Imagine how frustrating it would be to feel confused, overwhelmed, and disappointed when trying to establish student programming.  Now, imagine how rewarding it would be to experience clarity, accountability, and outcomes!  As dedicated service providers, it is our privilege to create a rewarding, sustainable experience for our customers.  We are the solution.

Influencing Excellence with Customer Service Accountability

Our therapy team provides online occupational therapy and online speech therapy services to schools.  In our previous post, we outlined considerations for influencing excellence with technology.  When partnering with school tech teams, our aligned goal is to provide the students with an engaging therapy experience, free of technical disruptions.  http://blog.tinyeye.com/2014/01/28/top-five-priorities-for-online-therapy-excellence-technology

Our next level of partnership develops relationships with administrators and special education teachers. TinyEYE is grateful to our customers for the longevity of our relationships. Together, we have graduated thousands of students over the years and we look forward to contributing to the next generation of students. 

If you are exploring how to create a quality service framework for your customers, what should you build?

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