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TinyEYE Therapist Testimonial: Why I love providing online therapy

Posted by TinyEYE |

You’re not in the room with the student?  You can’t touch the student?  How do you keep their attention?  How does it work?  How do you provide speech therapy online?  Do the students make progress?  Is it like Skype? 

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A Worm in my Apple?! Caseload Management for SLPs and OTs.

Posted by Chantelle |

It’s that time of year again. The floors are shined, the desks are in neat, clean rows, and the halls are buzzing with students reunited with their friends after a long summer away. For teachers, therapists, and students alike the first week back to school is exciting and invigorating. You can almost picture the shiny new red apple on your desk.

Then, as stealthily as summer turns to fall, the stressors of new staff and students, program planning, and a growing pile of paperwork quickly surmount. 

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Fine Motor Skill Development for School-Age Children

Posted by TinyEYE |

Guest Post: Wendy, TinyEYE Occupational Therapist

Hello everyone!

I am excited to be able to share some of the typical challenges we see in fine motor development with you today. Fine motor skills are skills involving the small muscles in the hand. When a child has underdeveloped fine motor skills, you will notice a lack of control, dexterity and/or strength. He or she may have trouble stringing beads, drawing, writing, or turning pages. If left unresolved, children with fine motor development delays may struggle with basic life skills such as buttoning, zipping, tying shoes and using utensils, as well as skills necessary for school such as writing, turning pages, and typing.

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7 Ways Parents Can Help Young Children Develop Motor Skills

Posted by TinyEYE |

Guest Post: Wendy, TinyEYE Occupational Therapist

As an Occupational Therapist and fellow parent of 2 young daughters, I am often approached by parents who wa
nt ideas about how to help their children develop their motor skills. Listed below are seven simple ideas to play and help develop your child’s motor skills.


1. As your child becomes interested in coloring or drawing, have him work at an easel or tape a large piece of paper to the wall.  This will help to develop stability in the shoulder and elbow while developing the dynamic movements in the wrist and fingers for writing. 

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Topics: Occupational Therapy, Tips for Parents

Top Five Priorities of Online Therapy Excellence: Students

Posted by Marnee Brick |

Top Five Priorities for Online Therapy Excellence


Hi Everyone,

As service providers, we believe that our influence should improve children's lives. Our primary commitments are to our students’ experience and to our students' outcomes.

Influencing Excellence for our Students

Our therapy team provides online occupational therapy and online speech therapy services to schools.  In our previous posts, we outlined these priorities:

Finally, our top priority is influencing excellence with our students.   If you are exploring how to achieve excellence in therapy services for your students, what should you build?

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