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Innovation Sensation - Teletherapy All Grown Up

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The desire to be able to see others while talking to them on the phone has been around as long as the phone itself. The first attempts at videoconferencing appeared to be something  only the most wealthy could access. In 1961, Picturephone by AT&T was launched It cost $160/month, and $6/minute per call, and sent black and white pictures back and forth every 2 seconds.

In 2005, video communication had become more popular and affordable. Most people had dial-up internet at minimum, and MSN Messenger and other video conferencing tools were becoming more popular. However, reliability was far from guaranteed. It was around the same time that TinyEYE was established, integrating the video technology available at the time with additional programming and support, and adding in the capability for a third-party to monitor a video stream and adjust the settings to ensure reliability.

All over North America there are schools where students are not receiving the speech and occupational therapy services they need. The majority of these cases are simply because the school faces recruitment shortages and has been trying to hire a speech pathologist or occupational therapist for years. This is often simply a question of social or geographic concerns.

In the past 9 years since TinyEYE software began development, technology has grown exponentially. People are connected in ways that they never were before. One of those ways is that therapists from everywhere are able to log in and provide therapy to students all over the world. Students who were struggling to communicate and became hopeless and withdrawn are laughing and speaking in ways that they never before could. 9 years later, these schools faced the same recruitment challenges, but they found TinyEYE, and began working with us to provide SLP and OT services and change their student’s lives.

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Students LOVE Innovative Speech Therapy Technology in the Classroom

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“It is not about the technology; it’s about sharing knowledge and information, communicating efficiently, building learning communities and creating a culture of professionalism in schools. These are the key responsibilities of all educational leaders”. – Marion Ginapolis

Implementing a new technological tool or service within a classroom setting can become a waste of money if it isn’t done right. To implement new technology, schools must consider carefully the cost of bringing in that technology, the potential gains that the technology can bring, and the anticipated reactions not only of the members of the school, but also from each child and his or her parents.

At one point online speech or occupational therapy was an act of science fiction, grouped together with teleportation, hover cars, and molecular food generators. TinyEYE Therapy Services began developing the software to deliver speech therapy online in 2005, and started therapy services in 2007. At the time, it was unheard of and looked upon with skepticism. Online therapy is now considered a valid service offering with proven effectiveness.  

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When Worlds Collide: TinyEYE Therapy Services Brings Robots into the Classroom

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Has your school ever been in a situation where hiring is so difficult that you can’t even fill your teaching staff, let alone your educational assistant and therapy staff? Such was the case in Wilmac, North Dakota in late 2013. Greg, TinyEYE’s CEO and Cofounder was speaking Director Shawn Huss about their speech and occupational therapy needs for the following year, when Huss mentioned that none of this could possibly work, as they did not have anyone hired to be the school’s EA. Greg quickly responded, “How about a robot?” and the future was born.

Wilmac schools have been using their robot to bring students back and forth from class ever since that day. “We ran into a few problems at first,” Greg stated, “One of which being that the teachers couldn’t actually tell when the robot was at the door to the classroom. No one could reach out and knock for it. This resulted in the robot’s driver actually driving the robot into the door repeatedly, until someone noticed that it was there. It was quite funny.” Since then, other methods have been taken to ensure that the classroom teachers are aware of the robot’s arrival.

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Online Speech Therapy Provider Connects Students with the Future of Learning Through Official Partnership with Double Robotics

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TinyEYE Therapy Services CEO and Co-Founder, Greg Sutton to speak at SXSWedu to showcase the use of a telepresent robot in the delivery of online speech therapy to schools across North America.


Austin, March 4, 2014 – TinyEYE Therapy Services is taking telepractice to a new level of educational innovation. They announced this morning their official partnership with Double Robotics, a California-based robotics company known for their telepresent robot. TinyEYE has begun using this robot in delivering their speech therapy services in Canada and the USA.

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Online Speech Therapy Co-Founders Recognized at Legislative Assembly

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