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Top Five Priorities of Online Therapy Excellence: Students

Posted by Marnee Brick

Top Five Priorities for Online Therapy Excellence


Hi Everyone,

As service providers, we believe that our influence should improve children's lives. Our primary commitments are to our students’ experience and to our students' outcomes.

Influencing Excellence for our Students

Our therapy team provides online occupational therapy and online speech therapy services to schools.  In our previous posts, we outlined these priorities:

Finally, our top priority is influencing excellence with our students.   If you are exploring how to achieve excellence in therapy services for your students, what should you build?

Focus:  Build a service culture that considers the welfare of the student as paramount.  All decisions and actions should contribute to a better experience and stronger outcomes for the students. 

TinyEYE's culture was created for our students.  Our international team members and school partners are committed to a student-focused platform.  Furthermore, our students feel safe, capable, and engaged in their quality program because they are involved in creating an experience that matters to them.  Below is an example of one of the goals we address when partnering with students: 

"Our goal is to partner with our students to design the world’s best therapy experience, which will help them to joyfully participate in their lives today and in the future."

How do we achieve this goal?  To accelerate progress from service initiation through a triumphant outcome, therapists must invest creative effort into understanding their students.  Beyond all of the clinical knowledge we gather, TinyEYE therapists seek to understand the world of each student.  Below are additional considerations.

Considerations for Service Providers

  • The way you invest your time and talents for each child has a direct impact on his or her life. Rather than serve a caseload, serve a child.


  • Design a program that is relevant, rewarding, and results driven.


  • Recognize how much your students can manage their programs.  Give them permission to inspire your pathway.  Instill in them a sense of proud ownership over their participation and progress.  Draw the connections for them between what you are practicing and how they can fly with it outside of sessions.  Teach at a level of "success + 1".  This means that they will experience intentional success with the target because they are simply reaching for the next step on the ladder.  Turn them into teachers of their own emerging talents.  Appreciate that you are not simply working with little Annabelle.  Instead, you are serving 'theeee future Annabelle'. What a privilege it is to serve.  


  • It is our technology that provides our connection to our students. It is our character, skill and spark that provides our legacy for our students.  We are engaging, we are effective, we are accountable.  


  • Be apart of the solution.  When you face a big challenge, you can make a big impact.  There is always a way to help a child.  Keep the end in mind, and then build a circle of support around your student.  Influence an informed educational experience that fosters confidence, participation, and application to life's opportunities.


  • Lead with joy.   Beyond the specific target goal, help your students graduate from your program with a comprehensive skill set (such as self advocacy skills, helpful interaction competencies, confident communication, and a joy of learning.)


Behind the Scenes at TinyEYE

When we first meet customers, some ask us how we can maintain the type of services outlined above when the caseloads are incredibly complex and large.  We have two options:  we can either shrink our vision or stretch our people.  We choose to stretch. Our team members are experienced with establishing sustainable programs that achieve our customer's expectations, provide an outstanding student experience, and drive student outcomes.  When we keep our students as number one, we influence excellence in all aspects of our partnerships.  

One of our customers shared some feedback with us from a school ehelper.  It feels wonderful to see how invested each person is when it comes to our students' experience and outcomes.  Share with me:

blog_annabelleSubject: Today

I just wanted to let you know the kids at (school) had a great day of therapy.

The internet cooperated and the quality of therapy was what I had been expecting all along from TinyEYE.

Talia (SLP) jumped in and went to work right away with the kids- taking time to model and work with the kids on correct placement, giving them lots of opportunities to practice.  She even got Annabelle- our little 2nd grader who hid under the desk -  to come to the computer and engage in some practice!

Jenny (School Ehelper)


With gratitude,


Marnee Brick, MSc, SLP

Director of Therapy Services

TinyEYE Therapy Services

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