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Can a robot REALLY teach my students?

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This is a picture we’ve held in our minds for over a decade. Some of us picture the classic TV show “The Jetsons” where Elroy’s class is taught by a robot. Others picture the scene from “The Matrix”, where upon downloading the information into his mind, Keanu Reeves announces “I know Kung Fu!” But aside from these futuristic examples, our real-life experience with robots has been limited to our household appliances and remote-control cars.

So, why can these robots teach our children where none could before? Simple. They aren’t just robots. 

Behind every Double Robotics robot introduced to a school, is a TinyEYE therapist. This Master’s Certified therapist is working from his or her home, yet attending live as their robot double to provide online therapy. These therapists typically provide remote speech therapy on a computer, which while very effective, ties the therapist to a specific room and vantage point. 

"TinyEYE has found the perfect way to partner with teachers, in the classroom, to further impact our students in a positive way! Can't wait to move to the next level with this fantastic company." - Nancy, SLP

Robots add another dimension to the therapy TinyEYE already provides. They  bring mobility into the telepractice model enabling our therapists to:

-          Engage in the environment of the student

-          Move around the room and work with items the child is familiar with

-          Build a relationship with the child and school staff as though they are actually there

-          Follow the child’s line of sight to see what or who they are looking at

-          Hear other noises around the child that may affect their concentration

-          Travel between rooms and interact with their students throughout the school

-          Ensure skills are effectively being reinforced within the classroom

-          Observe tips and skills being used in a social environment

-          Provide consultation services to an entire classroom of students

The possibilities are endless. Robots allow remote therapists the ease and flexibility of being there in person, while still connecting remotely. World-class therapists are serving your students, in ways that were once science fiction. What child doesn’t want a robot teacher?

"When we see something like the Double Robot coming to the school, this is going to be a reality for the students as they continue on their journey and giving them the opportunity sooner rather than later is excellent." - Randy Steciuik, Principal

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