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Online Supervision is Addressing SLP Shortage

Posted by TinyEYE

TinyEYE's Online Supervision Platform Helps More SLPs Serve Students

"Distance is becoming irrelevant." ~Marnee

Question: To become a qualified, experienced speech-language pathologist...who do you need by your side?

Answer: A qualified, experienced speech-language pathologist.

Challenge: Hiring new graduates, accepting practicum students, and accessing assistants are helpful strategies for bringing services to schools. However, districts struggle to do this when they do not have sufficient access to a qualified SLP who can provide the mandated supervision on a regular basis.

Solution: Eliminate barriers to making it happen. Provide a platform for face to face interaction and shared tools that result in an enriched partnership. Access online supervision!

TinyEYE's speech-language pathologists have grown the profession as well as services to schools in the following ways:

Success Stories

  • Supporting practicum students: In one success story, we supervised SLP practicum students who worked full time during their term. The practicum SLP students ultimately moved to the community after graduation to work for the district.
  • Mentoring new graduates who are completing their clinical fellowship year: A rural school board was able to hire new graduates because we could provide their supervision. Now the CFY graduates have earned their CCCs and are fully qualified. They can supervise and contribute to the growth of our profession.
  • Supervising speech-language assistants: Our SLPs provide extensive supervision of support personnel to ensure speech-language programs can continue in their schools.
  • Connecting with team members: Team leaders on TinyEYE's speech team meet online with their colleagues to provide coaching and support. In addition, team leaders observe the therapists' sessions online to confirm that services meet company standards.

Considerations for Success When Starting a Supervision Partnership

1. Both the you and the person you are supervising should competently use the online technology to ensure a successful experience.

2. Start by interviewing each other. Learn more about levels of experience, interests, knowledge baseline, desired outcomes, and preferences in regards to communication styles/exchanging information. Ensure that online supervision will be appropriate for everyone involved. Ultimately, your number one priority is the welfare of the children being served.

3. Create the plan. Will support be completely online or will you be visiting the location from time to time? Initially, will you enable your colleague to observe some of your sessions? Ensure that your timeline, scheduled observations, and other supervision requirements are inline with your region's mandate.

4. Enrich your impact. TinyEYE provides a shared office for you and your colleague. This is where you can share your supervision notes, exchange video messages, log hours, and watch recorded sessions when you could not be there in real time. Regardless of your platform, make your partnership count.

5. Online service; upstanding professional: In addition to providing your colleagues with valuable clinical mentorship, also model and expect values that will contribute to the integrity of our profession and service.

Ohio is Seeking Supervisors

The Ohio Masters Network Initiative (OMNIE) encourages SLPs to participate in supervision and offers free continuing education opportunities in return. Follow the link:


Are you in Need of Speech-Language Pathology Services?

Our team will be in Ohio from December 4-8th to meet with Special Education Directors about their speech therapy needs and to attend the Ohio Association of Public Charter Schools (OAPCS) annual convention. Please call us at 1-877-846-9393 to set-up a time to meet.

Take care,


Marnee Brick, MSc
Speech-Language Pathologist and Director of Speech Therapy
TinyEYE Therapy Services (Speech
Therapy Telepractice)

Growing smiles, mending spirits, engaging children in their lives…

TinyEYE is the world’s preferred online speech therapy service provider for schools, agencies, and individuals who seek exceptional performance, revolutionary solutions, outstanding service, and student success!

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