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Considerations For Selecting a Private Speech Therapist

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Hi Everyone,

I recently wrote an article on what you should think about before hiring a Private Speech Therapist. I hope you find it informative.



Considerations for Selecting a Private Speech-Language Pathologist

By Marnee Brick, MSc

TinyEYE.com Co-Founder and Private Speech-Language Pathologist


When you choose to hire a private speech-language pathologist to provide therapy services for yourself or a loved one, it is in your best interest to make an informed decision. This article provides a general overview of considerations for selecting a speech-language pathologist and for ensuring you have a quality therapy experience.

Credentials Check

Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) should be a member in good standing of a regulatory body. This regulatory body is typically a provincial/territorial, state, and/or national organization which mandates that SLPs maintain the standards for providing competent, ethical, and professional therapy services. Your speech-language pathologist (SLP) should hold a current licence to practise in the field of speech-language pathology. Besides confirming that your SLP has met the qualifications to practise, a licensure number is often requested by insurance company before reimbursing therapy fees. You can ask for your speech-language pathologist’s licence number and the name of the regulatory body. Many SLP’s carry their licence with them. If you have concerns or further questions, call the regulatory body. If you are unsure of how to contact a specific organization, start with the national associations. They provide contact information for the provincial and state associations.


  • Canadian Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists


www.ccaslpa.ca/english/contact/province2asp (links to provincial/territory contacts)


  • American Speech-Language-Hearing Association


www.asha.org/about/legislation-advocacy/state (links to state contacts)



You can read the rest of the article here

If a school district in your area needs Speech-Language Pathologists, please let me know by email as we at TinyEYE can help!

Marnee Brick, Speech-Language Pathologist, TinyEYE.com

Marnee Brick, Speech-Language Pathologist, TinyEYE.com

Marnee Brick, MSc
Speech-Language Pathologist
TinyEYE Technologies Co-Founder

http://www.TinyEYE.com-Online Speech Therapy

TinyEYE’s Online Demo How To Start and Build Your Own Private Speech Therapy Practice!

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