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Online Speech and Occupational Therapy: What We are Not

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Online Speech and Occupational Therapy: What We are Not

Hi Everyone,

Speaker w Marnee, GregYears ago, my brother and I co-founded TinyEYE because we wanted to create a solution for children who were waiting for support. Today, our team helps communities around the world. Our belief in our ability to improve children's lives remains our inspiration.

Knowing who we are helps us to communicate what we are not.

Top Five: What We are Not

1. We are not telepractice.

We are experienced, committed professionals who are accountable for your outcomes. Telepractice is the medium we use to reach our schools and deliver quality services.

School Testimony

I am writing to make a very strong request to have Ms. Jennifer be our Speech Therapist for the next school year. Jennifer has worked with us over the last two years and we are extremely pleased with her work. She has made and maintained a connection with our students. This was not easy to do, our students are shy and reluctant to form a relationship with a stranger. Now they are at ease with her and really like working with her. This connection has also made student progress very successful, therefore, I want to continue with our relationship next year. - Resource Teacher, High School

2. We are not our software.

Our software does not determine our services. Instead, our students determine our software. We are highly qualified teams, from software designers to therapists, who are trained to apply our professional competencies to engage students, individualize programs, and foster results. Indeed we did create the world's first fully integrated online therapy software, which has evolved to provide our schools, students, and therapists with an engaging, comprehensive platform. More important, it is our therapists who demonstrate ongoing success with serving our students, regardless of the challenge. We find a way - we make it count.

3. We are not an industry.

Blog videoWe are a purpose. We believe that all children should have equal access to quality therapy services. Everyone at TinyEYE is primarily focused on our student experience and our student outcomes, while confirming service excellence for our schools. That is why we are here. That is what drives us. I still find a lump in my throat when I think about what this means to the children we serve. It is our privilege to serve them.

Therapist Testimony

That moment when the student becomes the expert with his or her communication goal is priceless. You CAN reach a student on the same level through a computer as you do in person! I have seen it. I have felt it! I believe in this service delivery model. I had a student who struggled with expressive language skills and formulating her thoughts. I could tell that she had stories to tell and we began our journey with a smile, encouragement, and some play-based therapy. During our second session, it became evident that she was aware of what I was trying to help her to do...as she timidly held her two hands up to the camera in the shape of a heart. My heart, of course, melted. – Michelle

4. We are not limited.

We are responsive, accessible, and adaptable. For instance, we welcome outstanding, qualified therapists (from around your region and around the world) to our team. They grow forward on a rewarding career path with us and provide our schools with exceptional, individualized support.

Likewise, we partner with all schools regardless of the size or complexity of their needs. With us, all children have a chair and all children have a chance. Because of the way we infuse our services within our schools, we should never have to say no to helping a child and we should always bring value to their learning environment. As your partner in care, we hold ourselves accountable for providing consistent, professional, effective services.

5. We are not lonely.

group pictureWe are people who intentionally build relationships. Our company framework facilitates togetherness. The connections we build with students, staff, and colleagues bridge us to an incredible feeling of partnership, purpose, and camaraderie.

Therapist Testimony

I was initially worried that this job would be isolating, but I have found it to be very team oriented and collaborative. I have always felt included and supported as a team member. I love being a part of my virtual team and serving as a Primary Support Leader. I hope to take on other leadership roles as they arise. - Tiffany K

Speaking of connections, reach out to us at TinyEYE! Perhaps you are seeking information about an engaging career path. Perhaps you would like to learn more about online speech therapy or online occupational therapy. We look forward to hearing your questions and providing you with clear information.

With gratitude and joy,

blog picture of marnee
Marnee Brick, MSc
Speech-Language Pathologist and Director of Speech Therapy

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