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Military Spouses Value Portable Online Speech Therapy Career

Posted by TinyEYE

Military Spouses Value Portable Online Speech Therapy Career

ImageToday, we feel grateful to live in freedom and we recognize that our freedom is the outcome of generations of families who have contributed to a peaceful future.

At TinyEYE, we are fortunate that military spouses have made their home with TinyEYE as online speech-language pathologists. Because they serve their students through TinyEYE’s online office, they can travel or move to another base with their spouse, while they maintain their services to their students. One of our team members shared the following story:

“A challenging part of being a military spouse was facing the reality that I would need to find a new job with each relocation or unfortunately put my career on hold. I have been so relieved to not only keep my job with each move, but also to keep my colleagues and accept leadership opportunities.”

Just before writing this blog, I enjoyed a virtual meeting with one of our speech-language pathologists, Kaylene. Her husband serves in the military and they spent Memorial weekend visiting their new location, which is more than 3000 miles away from where they currently live. Kaylene, we are grateful that our schools will not lose your support and that our team will not lose your camaraderie. Although you do not know anyone in your new city, your TinyEYE family will connect with you every day!

Reflection of the day: If Kaylene's schools did not receive services through TinyEYE, imagine the costs associated with recruiting a replacement SLP for Kaylene. Imagine the costs of her training, extra licensing, and ongoing support to lead the new recruit to Kaylene's level of experience and excellence. Imagine the impact on students as they wait for a new SLP to settle in and catch up with services. It is exciting for TinyEYE that schools and students do not have to worry about those concerns. Kaylene was specially selected for her kids, just like our other SLPs have been carefully selected for our other schools. Gratefully, TinyEYE is able to continue the care for our students so that they never have to imagine what would happen if support did not find its way to them.

With gratitude and joy,


Marnee Brick, MSc

Speech-Language Pathologist and Director of Speech Therapy

TinyEYE Therapy Services (Speech Therapy Telepractice)


Growing smiles, mending spirits, engaging children in their lives…

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