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TinyEYE: Online Speech Therapy Helps with Carry Over Skills

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Speech Therapy Telepractice

“I celebrate myself, and sing myself” ~ Walt Whitman (poet, 1819-1892)

Tuesday is Tuesday Talk Time – the day that I meet with some members of my virtual team to review the progress of our students and to create the strategy for the next sessions. There are always little stories about both the feel good moments for the triumphs and the heart-felt concerns for the tough stuff. We grow to know these kids by heart. Today while I was working away, a Skype message popped up on my screen. A great way for a virtual team to stay connected is through the instant interactions that Skype offers.

Regardless, the message was from one of our wonderful therapists. Just this Tuesday, she had talked to me about how her student had made such tremendous leaps with his sounds “K” as in ‘car’ and “G” and in ‘gum’. Still, every session when she asked how he was doing, he replied “dood”. Our next mission was to help him use his skills in everyday talking...at least in some words that were relevant to his life.

Besides offering on-line backpacks full of practice games and access to the lesson plan notes, we partner with each student to pick the magic word or the word of the week. After each session, the student goes back to class and teaches the teacher about that special word (our students soon become the experts). Fast forward to today when I received this urgently exciting message from the therapist:

[2:45:12 PM] (therapist) says: I have the best story to share with you ...it is awesome. Long story short he finally got his /g/ and /k/ sounds! He came to me and said his day was good. It is the first time since October. I am so excited................

What makes this milestone even more rewarding is that now this young gentleman can say the sweetest word of all....his name. Conway feels good today. On-line therapy reaches the need. I am reminded again that we are growing smiles, mending spirits, and engaging children in their lives.

If a school district in your area needs Speech-Language Pathologists, please let me know by email as we at TinyEYE can help!

Marnee Brick, Speech-Language Pathologist, TinyEYE.com

Marnee Brick, Speech-Language Pathologist, TinyEYE.com

Marnee Brick, MSc
Speech-Language Pathologist and Director of Speech Therapy
TinyEYE Therapy Services (Speech Therapy Telepractice)

http://www.TinyEYE.com-Online Speech Therapy Telepractice

School Districts: Recruiting Speech-Language Pathologists? Job Boards not working? Click this link!



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