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Telepractice: An Excellent Alternative to Traditional Speech Therapy in Alberta

Posted by Chantelle

Guest Blogger:
Chantelle Brodeur, TinyEYE Marketing Coordinator


Speech Pathologists in Alberta are no strangers to hard work. In an average day, therapists spend countless hours outside of therapy driving between schools and communities, making parent calls, finishing reports and paperwork, and planning the next day’s activities. Many therapists are frustrated and burned out, wanting to spend more time on student outcomes and less time on tedious ‘extras’.

2014-03-10_16_36_53-Edited_-_Alberta_SLP_Blog_post.docx_-_Microsoft_WordI am here to tell you that there is a way – online speech therapy. Through TinyEYE’s award-winning therapy system, speech pathologists are able to conduct therapy from their own home or office, eliminating driving time entirely. In addition, TinyEYE’s automated system makes reporting quick and easy to complete. Therapists can take notes during sessions as well as record sessions to review and evaluate later.

All school meetings and parent conferences are conducted by phone or online. In addition, each child has their own personal ‘backpack’, where the therapist is able to leave notes for the parents, including the child’s progress. The therapist is also able to leave the child speech therapy games to practice their sounds between sessions, and then see how many times they have practiced at the following session. As a result, children are empowered to learn, parents are active contributors, and therapists are able to maximize their time spend in therapy sessions.

2014-03-10_16_37_29-Edited_-_Alberta_SLP_Blog_post.docx_-_Microsoft_WordBecause TinyEYE’s system allows therapists to work directly from their own home, it has opened the doors for many therapists who were previously unable to conduct therapy. Therapists work as little as 30 minutes per week or as much as full-time; therapy times are customized based on school schedule and therapist availability.

TinyEYE Therapy Services is hiring! We are seeking therapists licensed to practice in Alberta schools, and therapists who are currently licensed elsewhere in Canada, who are interested in obtaining their Alberta license. If you are interested in either of these job opportunities, please apply on our website at: http://tinyeye.com/DreamTeam-Signups/Contact-and-Submit-Resume.php

If you would like more information about TinyEYE and our services, please call us at 1-877-846-9393.

All the best,

Chantelle_Brodeur Chantelle Brodeur
 Marketing Coordinator
 TinyEYE Therapy Services

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