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Q & A: Robots in Schools - Your Questions, Answered

Posted by TinyEYE


A couple weeks ago, we asked what you want to know about the TinyEYE robot. You had some great questions, and we have done our very best to answer them!


I wonder if the robot would be used for 5th grade and higher?

Yes. Much like our "traditional" remote therapy service, the robot can be used for any age group. The robot is as flexible as the therapist running it. We work with you to develop a plan for your service, and maintain a constant relationship with each school to ensure that the program is meeting and exceeding expectations.

Did y'all borrow this from Big Bang Theory? #ShelbotPenny_with_Shelbot

Similar to the 'Shelbot' from Big Bang Theory, the TinyEYE robot is developed by Double Robotics out of California.

Is the robot expensive?

No. TinyEYE's mission is to become the world's most effective online therapy provider. In order to do that, we are constantly seeking ways to become more efficient and cost-effective. Our Robot Double is the most affordable in the market. We know that everyone is on a budget, and work with schools to customize their services in order to match their individual needs.

I love the idea of robots, but I'm curious about the implementation of mandated services using them. Would this be in addition to the one on one model, or would the SLP be collaberating with the classroom teacher, or both? I think it is going to be a great way for us to have a presence in the schools!

We also believe TinyEYE robots provide therapists with a means for presence and mobility in schools. The robot is a telepractice tool, just as our online therapy room is a tool that connects with students, educators, and parents. Our speech and occupational therapists implement the robots based on the schools' goals. Imagine yourself walking into your school to serve for the day. You may spend some time in direct therapy with children. Next you may pop into a class to observe, consult, or instruct. Then, you might continue to bring children to tour individual or group therapy sessions. Finally, you may join in an IEP meeting or consult with a teacher. Utilizing robot doubles and our online therapy room, TinyEYE's online therapists have the same service flexibility as you would when you walk into the school. We are accountable for providing mandated services and driving student outcomes. Robots are fascinating in bringing mobility to the classroom, but ultimately the therapists on the other end create the student experience.

What does the robot require to work?

From a therapist's perspective, all that is required to operate the robot is a wi-fi connection, Google Chrome browser, and the tools that they already have.
From a school's perspective, all the robot requires to work is an iPad (this is the "head" of the robot), and someone to take care of it. That person(s) is typically the EHelper who is already working with the students during their therapy sessions, and is responsible for charging the robot and the iPad in between sessions or at the end of each day. Recently, Double Robotics made this process even easier by developing a charging dock that allows the therapist to charge the robot remotely as well!

Thank you to everyone who submitted questions - keep them coming in the comments below!


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